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Innodisk is Flash Focused at Flash Memory Summit 2017

FREMONT, Calif., Aug. 3, 2017 -- Innodisk, the worldwide leading provider of flash memory, embedded peripherals, and DRAM products keeps the focus on flash at "Flash Memory Summit 2017" in Santa Clara, CA, from August 8-10, 2017. Innodisk is set for attendees to take a closer look at flash and memory products that provide "Absolute Integration" for today's technology. While exhibiting the industry's widest selection of flash form factors, Innodisk will have live in-booth tech focused presentations and demonstrations highlighting their latest products, software integrations, and services. Showing a variety of performance products, daily demos and tasty treats plus offerings that are tailor made for embedded, industrial, and enterprise systems in various markets, a visit to Innodisk booth #601 provides an opportunity for visitors to view the latest in the Next Generation technology hardware products and solutions.


Focused on the Next Generation

By combining the NVMe protocol and 3D NAND flash technology, the new PCIe M.2 SSD sports significantly increased performance and features. The compact M.2 form factor, introduced by Intel, allows for an easy integration into newer systems. By also utilizing, the latest controllers, this module will help usher in the next generation of embedded and industrial storage. The 3D NAND technology will also be incorporated into many of Innodisk's current SATA form factor series.

Innodisk's Server DIMM series comprises Registered DIMM, ECC DIMM, and Very Low-Profile up to the latest Next Generation 2666 MT/s speed. These high-capacity DRAM modules are energy-efficient and designed to allow maximum airflow, thus keeping server maintenance costs to a minimum while simplifying server scaling. The Innodisk RDIMM 2666 is ready for viewing during the in-booth live demonstration.

Viewing Innodisk's Boot Up Technology

Today's high performance computing solutions are delivering highly scalable hardware components.  Innodisk has the largest collection of boot drives for your OS and applications on these powerful rack mounted servers.  Innodisk's various form factors such as SATADOMs™, M.2, mSATA, SATA Slim, and more have capacities scaling up to 1TB to fit your chassis' mechanical space. Innodisk continues innovative solutions for server boot up technology highlighting the SATADOM™ and M.2 series.

Innodisk's iSLC technology was specifically chosen to support Server Boot Drives because of its high performance and high endurance to withstand the enterprise workload.  Innodisk introduces the SATADOM™ 3IS4 series, which is truly designed for Server Boot Drive applications. The 3IS4 is based on Innodisk L3 architecture Firmware and Marvell controller. Innodisk's firmware is highly tuned for data integrity and data retention. In addition, it has been certified for virtualization OS, such as VMware and Windows server 2016.

A Look at Absolute Integration

Innodisk has their sights on intimate integration of hardware components and software services that make it easier to manage your system. This offering is their Absolute Integration™. During FMS, attendees experience this philosophy with Tech Focused presentations scheduled in booth 601 and at the FMS Theater.

Although known for superior hardware products, Innodisk has introduced many software solutions that complement the use of their products performances and support the technology industry. Because interconnected devices continue to grow in IoT and managing them is challenging, Innodisk is launching iCAP cloud management software. This cloud-based solution allows user or operators to easily monitor and remotely control all their Innodisk devices, making for a true smart-factory solution. In addition to their software offerings is their EP solution, iRAID. This special software supports RAID disk-arrays that pair with SSDs. This solution is Windows based, provides SMART information, and monitors RAID status. Take a closer look at these innovative solutions showing at Innodisk's Tech Focused presentations during FMS 2017.

Innodisk Daily Events

Innodisk provides a daily tech experience when visiting booth 601. The Innodisk team will host their first ever "Tech Focused", a live presentation that takes a closer look at next generation product advancements and server firmware architecture.

Daily Schedule:
Tuesday, August 8 @ 4:30pm-Tech Focused Talk with Ice Cream Served
Wednesday, August 9 @ 12:15pm-FMS Theater-Tech Focused on Absolute Integration
Wednesday, August 9 @ 4:30pm-Tech Focused Talk with Kettle Corn Treats
Thursday, August 10 @ 11:30am - Tech Focused Talk Final Showing

In addition, Innodisk's EVP, CC Wu will be sharing the "Next Generation Interface for Embedded Industrial Applications" during a FMS 2017 speaker session held on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 9:45am, Session 102B.

Please visit us at:

Flash Memory Summit 2017
Date: August 8-10, 2017
Booth: #601
Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA

About Innodisk

Innodisk (Taiwan: 5289) is a service-driven provider of flash memory, DRAM modules and embedded peripheral products for the industrial and enterprise applications. With satisfied customers across the embedded, aerospace and defense, cloud storage markets and more, we have set ourselves apart with a commitment to dependable products and unparalleled service. This has resulted in products, including embedded peripherals, designed to supplement existing industrial solutions and high IOPS flash arrays for industrial and enterprise applications. The expanded business lines are leading our next step in being a comprehensive solution and service provider in the industrial storage industry.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Innodisk supports clients globally with engineering support and sales teams in China, Europe, Japan, and the United States. With abundant experience and an unrivaled knowledge of the memory industry, Innodisk develops products with excellent quality, remarkable performance, great cost-efficiency, and the highest reliability. For more information about Innodisk, please visit

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