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High Brightness and Image Blending with TecVision Surfaces

(Spiceland, Ind.) – More and more staging clients are seeking large-scale blending applications. Often, these situations present less than ideal lighting and seating situations, and getting the perfect edge blend can be difficult. Likewise the lighting can play a role in the quality of the image.

At the 2016 LDI Show, Draper will be showcasing the High Brightness of the TecVision XT1800X white material and discuss advantages of this product compared to needs for a great blend when using the TecVision XH700X Grey viewing surface.

XH700X Grey is a.7 gain surface that performs best in moderate ambient light when optimal uniformity is desired, and wide viewing angles are needed. TecVision XH700X Grey is perfect for blending images, even on screens with great curvature. Both XH700X Grey and XT1800X White are 8K ready to ensure optimal image performance at the highest resolution and ISF™ Certified for color accuracy. They are also available as 4K-ready perforated screens.

To experience the beauty of Draper TecVision viewing surfaces, visit booth 1145 during the LDI Show, October 21-23 in Las Vegas.

For further information: Terry Coffey, 765-856-1230,,