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Grand Hybrid Pianos Spotlight Innovative New Features and Design Aesthetics

NASHVILLE, TN, June 23, 2016 – Since 1980, Casio America, Inc. has designed keyboard instruments for every level of musician. Its rich history of innovation has resulted in a variety of portable keyboards, including the widely successful Privia and CELVIANO digital pianos, and others.

In September of 2015, Casio introduced the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid digital pianos, marking a new era of piano technology. Developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein, the Grand Hybrids are designed as the ultimate blend of innovation and tradition.

“Casio has always been a technology-driven company, and our lineup of Grand Hybrid pianos brings new and innovative technologies to the market that greatly surpass conventional digital pianos,” said Stephen Schmidt, Vice President of Casio’s Electronic Musical Instrument Division. “The GP-500 and GP-300, as well as the newly launched GP-400, showcase Casio’s commitment to producing high-quality products that consumers have come to know and expect.”

Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard
To satisfy the most demanding pianist, authenticity must begin at the first touch. The Grand Hybrid pianos reproduce the touch of a grand piano simply by including the touch of a grand piano. The full-length Austrian Spruce keys are made with the same materials and processes as in C. Bechstein pianos. These keys move a real hammer along the same vertical path and with the same pivot points as in a traditional grand. This delivers a response that conveys the subtlest playing nuances and allows the pianist to practice or perform with the same natural technique they would use on a traditional grand piano.

AiR Grand Sound Source
The Grand Hybrid pianos feature Casio’s AiR Grand Sound Source, which faithfully evokes a grand piano’s complex sound and behavior. Tonal changes occur naturally according to the player’s touch, providing the entire vocabulary of a grand piano. Four types of resonance recreate the interaction between the player’s hands and the piano’s strings, damper and soundboard. Players can even modify physical properties, such as key release, lid simulation and more.

Grand Acoustic System
Using an exclusive six-speaker amplification system, the new Grand Acoustic System reproduces the three-dimensional sound field generated by an acoustic grand. The top speakers present sounds normally heard rising upwards, and the downward-facing speakers present sounds heard from below the soundboard. This simulation fills the room with rich, complex sound, reaching both the performer and the audience. A special Headphone mode is even included to produce an ideal stereo image when playing or practicing quietly.

Authentic Grand Piano Sounds
Casio’s CELVIANO Grand Hybrid pianos include three legendary grand piano sounds, giving musicians a new level of versatility. Dubbed the Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna grands, each one has a unique personality and appeal. Using the Hall Simulator, a player can virtually place their dream piano in a series of renowned concert venues. The GP-400 and GP-500 models even include a powerful Scene feature, which allows you to save and recall your favorite settings. Scene presets based on famous composers and genres are provided, allowing you to play in a historic place or moment in time.

The GP-400BK ($4,999) will be available in July, and Casio’s GP-300 ($3,999) and GP-500BP ($5,999) are available now at select music dealers nationwide. To learn more about Casio’s full portfolio of electronic musical instruments including the CELVIANO line of digital pianos, please visit

About Casio America, Inc.
Casio America, Inc., Dover, N.J., is the U.S. subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and business equipment solutions. Established in 1957, Casio America, Inc. markets calculators, keyboards, digital cameras, mobile presentation devices, disc title and label printers, watches, cash registers and other consumer electronic products. Casio has strived to fulfill its corporate creed of “creativity and contribution” through the introduction of innovative and imaginative products. For more information, visit

About Celviano
The Celviano line of digital pianos is Casio’s first-class line of digital pianos geared for players who crave the true sounds and feel of an authentic grand piano. In addition to the traditional cabinet designs, Casio’s Celviano digital pianos provide a number of features including new stereo grand piano sounds, a redesigned keyboard action,  as well as ebony and ivory textured keys that offer the natural sensatory feel the musician wants and needs while delivering the sounds and benefits of a digital piano. In addition, Casio's new proprietary sound source "AiR" (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator) provides unmatched realism, detail and seamless dynamics for a remarkably expressive and powerful performance. For additional information on Casio’s Celviano digital pianos, please visit



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