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The Foundation for American Science and Technology Announces the Inaugural 'AI: Powering the New Energy Era' Summit in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The Foundation for American Science and Technology (FAST) today announced it will host the first nonprofit leadership summit in the U.S. entirely dedicated to exploring the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the Energy sector. The 'AI: Powering the New Energy Era' summit will take place in Washington, D.C., on April 17.

The first summit dedicated to exploring the influence of AI on the Energy sector will take place on April 17.

The summit will feature more than 20 high-profile Energy and AI industry leaders, including U.S. Under Secretary of Energy for Science and Innovation Dr. Geraldine Richmond, and prominent speakers from the Biden Administration, U.S. Congress, NVIDIA, IBM, BrightNight, Bank of America, Amazon, Microsoft, KPMG, Qcells, EPRI, C3.ai, who will share their insights with the summit's participants.

The summit program focuses on different aspects of leveraging AI for enabling the clean energy transition, such as technology, policy, public-private cooperation, and investment. While the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence boosts the demand for power, AI itself possesses immense potential to increase US energy security by making it more affordable, efficient, and cleaner. Furthermore, by enabling the transition to clean energy, AI not only meets its own energy needs but can also accelerate global decarbonization efforts.

The 'AI: Powering the New Energy Era' summit expects to gather 300 in-person delegates, including public officials, policymakers, senior decision-makers from the private sector, investors, members of academia and leading national publications. Additionally, the summit will be streamed live to a select audience of virtual attendees across the U.S.

FAST Chairman Phillip J. Bond said, "The rapid advancement of AI is having a profound effect on every sector of America's economy, from healthcare to education. These changes affect every person in the United States. What has not received enough attention is that breakthroughs in AI have brought us to a point where US energy security will be enhanced and a sustainable and affordable transition to clean energy is becoming possible."

Clean energy is projected to save American families up to $38 billion on their electricity bills over the next decade, while creating more than a million new jobs in clean energy manufacturing and deployment, and uplifting millions of households. The mission of FAST is to advance policies and ideas that maintain US leadership in science and technology as a means to creating high-value American jobs. High-profile conversations like this are central to that task.

Bond described the program as "a day of enlightening insights and best practices from many of the world's leading experts on Artificial Intelligence and Energy, who are driving America's leadership in the implementation of AI in the Energy sector."

Sponsors of the program include some of the biggest names in both AI and energy:  IBM, BrightNight, Qcells, and C3.ai.

The Foundation for American Science and Technology invites energy industry professionals, business leaders, investors, members of academia, and policymakers to visit https://cleanenergy-ai.com to learn more about and register for the 'AI: Powering the New Energy Era' summit.

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The Foundation for American Science and Technology (FAST) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering American innovation to create jobs. FAST helps define and supports policies that enhance American science and technology. FAST focuses on projects that generate high-value, high-wage American jobs through innovative applications of science and technology, including initiatives like CyberUSA and Getting to Global.

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